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The Army is a L.E.O. faction in SONA and you can apply for it if you meet the requirements.

Your average jarhead.

The requirements are:

Once the requirements are met you can apply on the forum When you apply other faction members will vote on your application. If you gather enough +1 votes you will move on to the test. You can read the test procedures here: Army information

If you pass the test you will from now on, every time you choose the Army class, spawn in the Easter Basin Naval Station.

The faction also has a set of rules you need to follow and you can read them here: Army rules

Once you join the faction you will spawn as an army soldier (You will be marked green on the map):

When being army you unlock a few new commands to use:

  • /al - command used to move the army lift
  • /acd - command used to open the carrier door
  • /asl - command used to move the side lift
  • /aml - command used to move the main lift

If you fail the test or get denied because of votes in the application you have the right to re apply again in 2 weeks. (applies for all factions)