BBC Now Lets You Restart Shows With The Press Of A Button

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The BBC now lets you restart its shows mid-broadcast with the touch of a button. Pressing the green button on your TV's remote control will now start your current programme from the beginning via your smart TV's iPlayer app. Users must have a connected smart TV to use the feature, which is available now across the broadcaster's UK channels, including BBC One and BBC Two. The update is part of an ongoing push by the organisation to reinvent itself for a 'new generation', as millennials increasingly opt to use on-demand services offered by companies like YouTube or Netflix over the BBC's traditional TV offerings. The BBC now lets you restart its shows mid-broadcast with the press of a The BBC's so-called 'live restart' feature is already available on the iPlayer TV and web app, but the update marks the first time broadcast viewers will have access to it.

The broadcaster said that more than half of people watching BBC iPlayer live on TVs already use live restart. Dan Taylor-Watt, head of BBC iPlayer, said: 'Live restart is one of BBC iPlayer's most valued features, and we've now made it even easier to access from our broadcast TV channels. Share When viewers switch over to a BBC channel a small pop-up now appears on screen prompting viewers to restart the programme. When you press the green button, the TV instantly loads BBC iPlayer and plays the programme from the start. The new feature is available now across BBC One and BBC One HD, BBC Two and BBC Two HD, BBC Four, and will be rolled out to BBC Four HD in the future. It forms part of the BBC's ongoing strategy to entice more young viewers to its services as its popularity among millennials dwindles.

It was revealed in January that streaming giant Netflix had become more popular than iPlayer in Britain for the first time - despite its monthly charges. The BBC offered 40 boxsets over the Christmas period, including popular shows Peaky Blinders, Miranda and both series of Planet Earth and Blue Planet. It also introduced mandatory sign-in in 2017 to improve iPlayer's personalisation and programming recommendations. But the organisation's efforts failed to boost its share of Britain's viewing figures, with its average daily cut dropping from 2.07 per cent in 2016 to 1.99 per cent last year. Netflix saw a boost in its share in 2017, rising to 2.91 per cent up from 2.12 per cent the previous year, according to figures seen by Broadcast. This means the premium subscription service was watched more on average than iPlayer for the first time. The figures, from British satellite TV provider Freesat, were pulled from 200,000 connected set-top boxes. The devices accurately measure when the iPlayer and Netflix apps are loaded, and send the anonymous data back to Freesat. Experts at Freesat suggested that Netflix's rising share of Britain's viewing figures may be driven by its user-base 'binge-watching' several episodes of shows in a row.

He is my son,' she sobs. Could it be true? The BBC team traced the Facebook messages to a man called Mustafa, a 36-year-old office worker in Iraqi Kurdistan. Mustafa said he had been 'heartbroken' to see the film on local TV and had resolved to help. Using the internet, he researched the famous 'orphan' from Basra, and then found Amar on Facebook. The BBC's own investigations led to a man called Juma, who claimed to be married to the woman in the TV film. He said her name was Zahra and that Amar's biological father had died before the 1991 attack.

Amar knew these details to be true. Mustafa and Zahra also sent Amar a photograph which they said was of him before the attack. Over a bad telephone line, Zahra wept as she described the aftermath of the bombing in which her youngest daughter, Zainab, was killed. I carried her body to the cemetery and then came back to the bombed building to look for my little Amar,' she said. I searched through the rubble for days, but I couldn't find any trace of him. There were rumours that he'd been injured and carried away by local soldiers. Years later, I heard a story that he might have been taken to Europe. Amar was 'shocked'. He wanted it to be true, but there had been hoaxes before, according to Lady Nicholson. In Devon, he underwent a DNA test.

In the faraway city of Karbala, Iraq, where she now lives in a breezeblock hut under a tarpaulin roof, Zahra did the same. Amar received the results two sleepless weeks later. They stated that it was '99.9999 per cent proven' that Zahra was his biological mother. The rendezvous was arranged to take place in the garden of the BBC offices in Baghdad. Zahra called out, her voice breaking. They kissed and embraced and began to speak in the Arabic Amar thought he had forgotten. Do you remember me? Of course you did,' he replied. It's fate, my darling. It's God's will. I can't believe it, I've seen my son Amar. Later Amar was reunited with his brother, Tahrir, and discovered through documents his mother possessed that he is three years older than had been thought. In fact, he was about to reach his 40th birthday. No better present could have been wished for. He has also re-established ties with Lady Nicholson, now a Liberal Democrat peer, who called the family reunion 'a miracle'. I've been alone for all these years — with all this trauma but now I feel reborn,' he said. All I wanted was for my mother to be proud of me. And I think she is. BBC One's Panorama — The Iraqi Orphan: 30 Lost Years is available on iPlayer.

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An MP has urged ministers to improve aftercare for brain injury patients in south Wales. Rhondda MP Chris Bryant wants major improvements to neuro-rehabilitation services that are supported by charities and private healthcare. There is no such centre in the Cwm Taf Morgannwg health board, for example, but ministers said they were committed to improving access to the services. Someone with a brain injury goes into hospital every 90 seconds in the UK. Ben Newman, 33, from Rhondda, fell into the window of a house 10 years ago while out with his friends. He was in a coma for three days in the Royal Glamorgan hospital in Llantrisant but after showing he could walk down a flight stairs was discharged three weeks later. Years of difficulties with his balance, changes in his personality, memory and speech followed. He became heavily dependent on aftercare. His Dark Material Stream stepfather Phil Williams said it was only thanks to Ben's mother that he was able to find services that could help, and even then it meant travelling to Cardiff several times a week. A decade later the impact of that fall still affects Ben's life. The Welsh Government said it was "committed to improving access to neuro-rehabilitation services" in Wales.

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