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The C.I.A. is a SONA faction that can be obtained by getting all the requirements and after that applying for it on the forum.

One of the default C.I.A. agent skins.
One of the default C.I.A. agent skins.
One of the default C.I.A. agent skins.

The requirements are:

After you aquired all those requirements you can apply for it and then wait for other C.I.A. members to vote on your application so make sure you get show them that you have the required skill to be accepted.

If you get enough +1 votes on your application you will be tested by the faction leader or co-leader.

There are testing procedures which you can read all about here: testing procedures -It tells you what you will be tested

If you pass the test you will be able to spawn as a C.I.A. agent in the C.I.A. H.Q.

For you to be able to be C.I.A. you also need to know the faction rules (every faction has it's own set of rules) which you can read here: C.I.A. Rules

There are 2 new commands you will be able to use once you get the stats:

The undercover command can be used to change your skin in to a civilian skin and it will also make you invisible on the map. You have a few different skins to choose from.

Undercover skins.png

You can see the C.I.A. agents and it's ranks here: C.I.A. Agents

And if you fail the C.I.A. test or get denied in the application because of insufficient amount of +1 votes (or having more -1 votes than +1) you get the right to apply again after 2 weeks. (If you apply before that, your application will be automatically denied)