Faction X

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The only civilian faction in SONA - Faction X (weird clowns force)

Before you can apply for the faction you will need to meet these requirements:

Before you apply you will have to read the faction rules (applies for all factions)

Once you met the requirements youc an now apply and wait for other Faction X members to vote on you application. (it's recommended to have a few kidnaps and rapes before applying)

If you get accepted on the forums, next part is the test. You can read what will you be tested with here: Faction X test If you pass the test and choose the class you will spawn in the Faction X base located in Las Venturas. The base comes with alot of different vehicles for the members to use like the Sparrow and Seasparrow, Rustler, NRGs and 4 types of different cars with a red color.

You will also find the refill point in the faction base

Faction X base.jpg Faction X base 2.jpg

The benefits of the faction is:

  • Being invisible on the map while innocent
  • Being able to both rape and kidnap players


This faction has different ranks and each rank has it's benefits. You can read about them here: Faction X ranks

If you fail the test or get denied because of votes in the application you have the right to re apply again in 2 weeks. (applies for all factions) Also if you go inactive for more than 100 hours you may be put on a trial or you may even be kicked from the faction. (applies for all factions)