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You're a kidnapper, your job is to kidnap other players.

The first thing you need to do is buy ropes form Supa Save located in San Fierro. (You can also buy a backpack there which is used to store the ropes so you don't lose them when you die) After you bought the ropes you will have to get another player to sit in the car with you. Once the player is in the passenger seat with you, you can kidnap them by using the /kidnap command.

Watch out, the player you kidnap can escape in 3 ways:

  • He wiggles out of the rope (may take some time)
  • He uses scissors (can be bought in Supa Save) to cut the rope by using the /cutrope command
  • He gets saved by a police officer that later unties him (using the /untie command)

That player you kidnapped can now hunt you down and kill you or can place a hit on you using the /placehit command so a hitman can kill you.

Once you kidnapped a player there isn't really much to do but drive him around or to eject him out of your car (using the /eject command) and rape him and let other criminals rob and rape him.