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Regular player status is the first step in becoming a regular player in SONA and is needed to be able to apply for factions.

There are requirements before you can apply for it on the forum:

  • 500 score.
  • 5 posts on the forum.
  • And other players must see you help others and obeying the server rules (which means not breaking them and respecting others).

Once you have those requirements you can apply for a regular player. If you get denied and you weren't a regular player before you will have to wait 2 weeks before applying again and if you were you will then have to wait only 1 week.

There are benefits with the regular player status:

  • /rc - command used to talk in the regular chat.
  • /crb - command that is used to place roadblocks if you are a cop.
  • /fr - command used to force rules on a player (rulebreakers) - do NOT abuse it for arresting and killing wanted players.
  • /fpc - command used to force the player rules on a player.
  • /rcc - command used to clear the chat for everyone.

Beware: if you go inactive without posting on the forums for how long you may lose your RP status (this also applies for factions).