Weapon dealer

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You are a weapon dealer, your job is to sell weapons to players.

Players will call for you using the /weapondealer command.

Once you come to the player that called for you, you will use the /showweapons command to show them the list of avaliable weapons.

As weapon dealer, you can sell 6 weapons with their own price and ammo.

                                           1- M4 with 500 ammo and price of $5000.
                                           2- Tec-9 with 300 ammo and price of $5000.
                                           3- Sniper with 40 ammo and price of $5000.
                                           4- Combat Shotgun with 100 ammo and price of $7000.
                                           5- Deagle with 40 ammo and price of $5000.
                                           6- Armour with the price of $6000.

When they choose the weapon they want, they will tell you the ID of the weapon and you will sell them the weapon using the /sellweapon command.