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SONA Gaming is a Cops 'n' Robbers server which offers you many things to do in while also having fun in the community.

You can be a robber or a police officer. While selecting to be a robber you will also get a specific set of skills that are listed on the main page of this wiki and while selecting to be a cop you will get 6 types of L.E.O. classes you can choose from.

In the server you will also find 3 factions you can join by applying on the SONA Gaming forum.

Like all servers do we also have a specific set of rules that you will have to abide once you join. You can read those rules here or in-game by using the rules command.

You can join the server by clicking this link: Join the server!

Or you can join by using this IP address:

We hope to see you in-game and enjoy your stay!


SONA Server Team